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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Does Satan Think About the Church?


This video is humorous but SO, so very true!
Satan keeps us
WE allow Satan to keep us so busy arguing with each other, that we forget our purpose: to love, worship, and share God with others!

The best way to win a fight is to know your enemy. We know, thanks to the guys at Life Church, what Satan's goal is and what he wants...let's beat him at his own game. How about we do something crazy and befriend a Lutheran or two. Maybe even--dare I say it--a Muslim! *gasp* We all know he's evil but let's see exactly what does Satan think about the church.


  1. Hey Anji, the new blog looks great! Thanks for commenting on mine. I'm glad I can be helpful at times. If I can ever help you out, let me know! Happy blogging.

  2. Jamie (Edwards) WoodsJanuary 11, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    This was an awesome insight to what the real satan, really just might say in an interview! I love it, You guys are such a blessing to young new and fresh christians! May god bless you in your mighty works!

  3. Jamie, I glad that video did something for you. It's our mission to reach people in multiple different ways:

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    Continue to revisit us and leave comments, we're even open to any suggestions you may have. I would even like for you to guest post on our blog one day. I believe you have a lot to offer the world and I would love for you to share it with our readers.