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Monday, January 9, 2012

Letter We Received From an Atheist

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We did not personally receive the below letter, it is a post on Jesus-is-Savior.com (we are not even sure they received this directly or if they conjured it up but, either way, the message is devastatingly true). If you just clicked on the site link, you might think, “Whoa! These people are those weird, Evangelical nuts who preach hate messages…I’m not reading anything that was published on their site!” If you did not initially click the link, no doubt you will now! But before you click away from this post (if you are going to look at the other site, at least right-click and open it in a new tab *smile*), please read this short, three paragraph letter from an atheist addressed to all Christians.

You are really convinced that you've got all the answers. You've really got yourself tricked into believing that you're 100% right. Well, let me tell you just one thing. Do you consider yourself to be compassionate of other humans? If you're right, as you say you are, and you believe that, then how can you sleep at night? When you speak with me, you are speaking with someone who you believe is walking directly into eternal damnation, into an endless onslaught of horrendous pain which your 'loving' god created, yet you stand by and do nothing.  
If you believed one bit that thousands every day were falling into an eternal and unchangeable fate, you should be running the streets mad with rage at their blindness. That's equivalent to standing on a street corner and watching every person that passes you walk blindly directly into the path of a bus and die, yet you stand idly by and do nothing. You're just twiddling your thumbs, happy in the knowledge that one day that 'walk' signal will shine your way across the road.  
Think about it. Imagine the horrors Hell must have in store if the Bible is true. You're just going to allow that to happen and not care about saving anyone but yourself? If you're right then you're an uncaring, unemotional and purely selfish (expletive) that has no right to talk about subjects such as love and caring. 

It is true. We all claim to believe the Bible and we claim to have a heart for “the lost” but are we really making a valid effort to help them? We believe that God prepares people’s hearts to receive His words and that he will give us the words to speak to people (Matthew 10:19, Luke 12:11). How simple is that?! We do not even have to do the work—we just have to be willing and available to be used by God!

How can we do better?! 

1. Remain in the vine: John 15:4-5 says,“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” We need to stay connected to God if we want to do His work. How does one stay connected to God? Regular Bible reading and prayer.

2. Build relationships: People ask their friends for help and advice during uncertain or difficult times. If you have friends who do not know the peace, love, and acceptance that is found when they live for God, you can use these situations as opportunities to share your story and what it would mean for them to be saved.

3. Step out on faith: Sometimes, a little voice tells us, “Go tell that man that it will be okay,” or “Ask that woman if there is anything she would like to pray about.” Do we listen? Almost never! This is sad. God is trying to steer us into His will and instead of just letting Him drive, we step on the brake and but the car in park! Not cool.

This journey called Christianity that we are supposed to be walking requires more than just going to church, reading the Bible, and praying—it requires ACTION. Faith without works is dead, according to James 2:14-26, meaning that we can read and pray all day long but if we are not going to do anything with what we receive from the Bible or through prayer, we might as well not even put in the extra effort to read and pray. Instead of waking up those 15 minutes early to study the Bible, we might as well just finish that good dream we were having and sleep in a little longer. Instead of praying for guidance, discernment, and wisdom, we might as well just flip a coin or read our daily horoscope. Instead of attending a church service, we might as well just use that day to run errands (the stores are less busy—most people are at a church somewhere!).

What do you think about the letter? Will you do anything differently in daily life? Leave a comment below!


  1. The funny thing about this post is that this very thing happened to me last night and I did nothing. I am going to pray and make it a daily thing to ask God for strength to approach strangers and say something encouraging/positive to them that's open ended to start a dialogue. After I talk to 10 random people I'll post anything that I learn and hopefully it will encourage others to do the same.

  2. That will be great, Wil! It will be very helpful to hear what happens!!

  3. As well as being credulous and delusional, Christian fundies (especially Pastors) are also dishonest. Atheists do not write like this. It's so freaking obvious this was made up for a sermon to guilt gullible sheep into evangelizing to non-believers. There is no tactic too low for "born again" preachers.

  4. Nice try at censoring my comment--and so very typical of born-agains. Here it is again--let's see if it gets censored again.

    As well as being credulous and delusional, Christian fundamentalists (especially Pastors) are also dishonest. Atheists do not write like this. It's so freaking obvious this was made up for a sermon to guilt gullible sheep into evangelizing to non-believers. There is no tactic too low for "born again" preachers.