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Sunday, November 27, 2011

4 Clues That Your Pastor May Just be in it for the Money


As a follow-up to Wil being on the "Sky High with Portia" radio show last week where they discussed prosperity pastors, we thought it would be good to help people determine if their pastor is just in it for the money. Here are four clues:
  1. When people "make it rain" on the stage, does your pastor dance in the money?
  2. Does your pastor throw out random amounts and say, "Anyone that trusts in God and wants the spirit to move in their life will get up right now and give $117"?
  3. Do you perform chants about money and it coming to you NOW?
  4. Are most of the messages in your church centered around money?
If you answered yes to at least two of these questions (especially to the first two questions), then there's a pretty good chance your pastor is doing the "church thing" because it's his business!

Watch this video if you need some more help deciding. If this is a typical Sunday at your church, I would venture to say that your pastor's motives are in the wrong place!

*This was just for some Friday fun. Please don't leave your church unless you feel God convicting you to do so! :)


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  2. LOL! My wife and I went to Pastor Thompson's Church outside of Baton Rouge, LA some years ago while we were still dating in undrgrad. We were invited by a friend. As badly as I wanted to get up walk out during the "Money coming to me NOW!" chant we didn't. We were then subjected to a sermon that was also about money. People brought money up while he preached and they were publicly berated if the bill was of a small dollar amount. The entire church was GREEN. Green carpet, green upholstery, JUST GREEN. It's both hilarious and sad. God does care about our finances but as a means of ministry and helping others. I pray that all involved would constantly examine themselves to find the truth. I also pray that it would make us examine what false gods we construct in our lives that may or may not be as obvious as the almighty dollar.

  3. Wow! That is crazy, Starvos!

    You are very right: God doesn't care about our money (in the sense that He doesn't care how much we have)...He just wants us to use it as a tool and He doesn't want it to be the ruler of our hearts. I think we're going to write a post about tithing...