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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Hip Hop: Here Lies A Follower Of Christ


What if no one cared to provide you with a tombstone after you passed away? Would it even matter to you? This Christian hip hop song "No Tombstone" by C-Lite touched me in more than one way. 1. This young man is committed to serving Christ and sharing his faith with others (How many of us Christians actually do this?) 2. In the video he lost his life protecting an innocent young boy from a group of I guess you can say drug dealers. We're losing our young people to violence way to often. I pray for the day that Christians (myself included) have the love, courage and attitude to save God's people from going down the wrong path.

Keep this in mind, we all have to go in the ground one day, but the questions is...will you help someone commit their life to Christ before then?

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