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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Hip Hop: Just Wild Out!


This is the first R&B artist to make the Music Mondays list. Canton Jones is a veteran in the game, he has multiple albums and has really made a name for himself all over the country. He truly has something for everyone, if you feel Christian hip hop or R&B is to water down or doesn't bang hard enough then you have to listen to Canton. He is what I call the crossover medium. When you listen to his beatz, tempo, flow and delivery I can guarantee you will be amazed and although its gospel, you'll continue to listen.

As of late I've become a huge fan of Canton Jones and the movement that he's responsible for. Because of all the artist that he feature on his tracks I've learned of many other artist I may never would have come across.

Purchase Albums from The Ambassador here: Love Jones, Kingdom Business, Kingdom Business pt.2 Featuring The Cajo Family and Kingdom Business 3

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