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Friday, December 23, 2011

7 Reasons Why Christmas Is Not a Big Deal in Our Household

There are a few reasons we don't really celebrate Christmas in our house (read the list below if you care to know them all) but the main reason is that we want to break the cycle of consumerism in our family. We are not complete Scrooges--we still hang out with friends and family--we just do not do presents.

Watch this five-minute video from The Center for a New American Dream and see what consumerism and commercialism are doing to our society and find out what you can do to help break the cycle in your home.

Reasons Christmas isn't a big celebration to the Mabons

  1. We are not sure if it's really even Christ's birthday
  2. Is Christmas a Biblical celebration? In first chapter of Isaiah, it says God hates the celebrations of a rebellious nation and in the second chapter of Colossians, it says that religious celebrations are just a shadow of things to come; the reality is found in Christ
  3. Would Christ want us to make such a big deal out of this day and treat our fellow man in such a way (think Black Friday craziness)?
  4. We don't really like shopping
  5. We want to teach our children not to be tied to STUFF and we have noticed that they lose interest in the stuff that we buy them, anyway! They pay more attention to and have more fun with my old clothes, scratch paper, and empty cardboard boxes!
  6. We should have the spirit of giving, joy, peace, and love EVERYDAY of the year
  7. Instead of just getting together with friends and family and focusing on presents during this time, what can we do to help the poor, our neighbors, widows, and orphans (this is a real question we have for ourselves--we are not passing judgement on everyone else)?

11 Steps YOU can take to break commercialism and consumerism in your life (from the video)

  1. Know why you are focused on material possessions (insecure, unhappy, etc)
  2. Instead of buying something to cope, spend time with friends or family
  3. Use "ad block" to hide advertisements on the internet
  4. Press "mute" during commercials on television programs
  5. Get active--don't watch so much television!
  6. Work to remove ads from public spaces and from our children's schools
  7. Promote intrinsic values (growing as a person, being close to one's family and friends, improving broader world)
  8. Spend time with people you care about
  9. Take meaningful work, even if it pays less
  10. Volunteer for causes you care about
  11. Advocate for policies that promote intrinsic values and push for broader societal change

What do you think about the video and/or the fact that Christmas is not a major celebration for us? Leave a comment below!

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