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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Music Video Brought Me Back to God

We have posted many times about how important Christian hip hop is in our lives. I saw the above video by Lecrae in 2008 and, though it touched me deeply, it was not something that caused me to change my course in life. It did, however, plant a seed.

I was saved in April 2010 and a friend shared with me that he only listens to Christian hip hop. He gave me a few songs by several artists. When he gave me the names of the songs and artists, one name looked familiar: Lecrae! Everything had come full circle. Now here I am four years after first hearing "Prayin' For You" and my life is completely different!

This brings me to a good point (if I do say so myself): allow God to use you even if you do not see the fruits of your labor! The seeds that He will plant in others through you WILL change lives!

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Buy Lecrae's 2006 album After the Music stops

Buy Lecrae's single Prayin' for You


  1. Anji, Thanks so much for visiting CMB and leaving a comment. So, glad you left your link. I love the fact that you and your hubby both write here. I have been after mine to write with me. He has written an occasional guest post, and tells me he may write more after he retires. :-) Blessings to you both as you continue to encourage the faith-filled walk. Deb

  2. Thanks, Deb! Yeah, we enjoy working on it together...when he has the time (it's usually just my posts...shh!). *wink*

  3. Wow...so mature to be so young in the faith. Very inspirational.

  4. Thanks. I am not really THAT young in the faith (or that mature!). I was raised in church but I didn't really commit my life to Christ until April of 2010.