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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goals for the Year 2012!

Photo Credit: The Thriving Small Business
"In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are," Arnold H. Glasgow is quoted as saying. I don't know who he is but he has a great point! Another great quote was taken from Aristotle (I do know who Aristotle is): "Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals." 

We all need to make goals in life.

Along with our 100 Life Goals, we decided that we should make yearly goals--basically smaller goals each year that will help us to realize our bigger life goals. You can read 7 Steps to Creating Life Goals with YourSpouse for more information about making your own list!

Here are our goals for 2012:


Do 2 community service/outreach projects per month
Always give when asked

Always ask, “In light of what we are trying to do for God and in life, is this the BEST use of our money?”
Save $3,000 by December 31
Pay off $2,000 from student loan ($17,000 balance) by December 31 (Average of $167 per month)
Invest in apparel (shirts and bracelets) by July 31 (OLoC)
Sell 100 t-shirts, earn $1,000 by December 31
Run an engagement ad (engage people, not having to do with weddings) on FB by June 30(OLoC)
Give 10 percent of our income towards something that breaks God’s heart

Do family devotionals weekly on Saturday mornings
Pray together daily
Go on a date 2 nights a month
Have a family game night every Thursday
Take a family photo by October 31

Share 1 thing God showed us in Bible/through day with people on social media sites everyday
Have an article published on blog three days per week, including guest posts by May
Add store to blog by December 31
Build a stronger community on blog:
Engage people on FB page one time per day
Get 500+ Likes on FB
Have 2,000+ Twitter followers (OLoC)
Get 50+ subscribers on YouTube
Do 4 challenges per year on blog
            Add prayer list to blog
            Add memory verses to blog
            Start monthly newsletter (upcoming challenges, tips in marriage, parenting, discipleship,
frual living, etc that are too short to blog about?)

Go on a couples/family trip
Go to Texas

Plan menu every month
Eat out only 3 times per month
Go to YMCA together 1 time per month


Personal Growth
Read Bible and journal every single day! No Bible, no breakfast.
Pray daily
Don’t buy anything “new” for the year--can be new to me but not a brand new item(this does not apply to things like batteries, toothbrushes, undergarments and the like—mostly for clothes and furniture)
Start in a “mentorship” program (get involved in a child/teen development program)
Query 20 more agents, 20 publishers
Say 1 nice thing to myself when looking in the mirror everyday
Consciously “cancel” importance of others’ opinions—don’t care what other people think (be aware of the thoughts, intentionally counteract them)

Start Spanish Rosetta Stone by September
Do an art project with Truth every week, use Drawing with Children lessons
Continue swimming lessons in May
Enrichment classes/programs: ballet, art, American Heritage Girls?

Make Truth Snapfish book by February 29
Make Serenity Snapfish book by December 31

Finish Christian PF Article about blogging

Have a 28” waist by December 31
Go to YMCA at least once per week, work out at home 5 times per week
Get at least 1 professional massage

Have a 4 “girls nights” this year
Build a relationship with 1 new non-Christian
Make 2 single friends


Personal Growth
Pray every day
Read/listen to the Bible every day
Start in a “mentorship” program (get involved in a child/teen development program)

Every Friday, call someone from my past and see how things are going (52 people)

Career – Merchant Processing
Add 10 customers every month
Start company blog
Every Monday work on blog for 30 minutes


Do 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups every day to get a six pack by December, start in February 


  1. I love your goals and how detailed they are. Best wishes on completing them!

  2. Thanks! If we don't put the detail, we won't even get close to completing them. Thank you for your support!