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Sunday, November 27, 2011

100 Life Goals

A few weeks ago, we talked about creating goals with your spouse. We gave a list of seven steps to do so here. We are now posting our goals for two reasons: 

1) To help you with ideas 

2) So that the whole world (or the six people who read our posts) can hold us accountable!

Some of these may make no sense to you but that is okay...your goals probably wouldn't make sense to us either! The point is not to make sense to everyone else but to put your goals down on paper (or virtual paper).

The title for this post is "100 Life Goals" but I am not even sure how many goals we have here--could be more, might be less. Okay, here we go:

Joint Life Goals

Updated 2/1/2012

Learn Spanish, be conversational by December 2012
Started 2011 Learn more about blogging, creating community and monetization
Learn to play piano Removed

Raise $1,000,000 for a cause we believe in
Do at least two community service/outreach projects per month
Buy a private jet, use it to help needy people in the world Removed
Give 10 percent of our income to forward God's kingdom

Be debt free by 2016
Be mortgage-free homeowners by 2015

Buy Truth a house
Buy Serenity a house

Buy a vacation home
Sell shirts, books, art at a booth and online by August 2013
Buy Wil a motorcycle (Anji doesn't totally agree with this goal!)

Win 100 souls or more to Christ
Mentor 100 or more teens
Create and sell inspirational t-shirts by December 2012
Have a dynamic Bible study on blog by June 2012
Have 100,000 visitors on blog per month by 2012
Started 2011 Host a Bible study at home
Write a book about marriage/family
Have 100,000 Facebook fans by December 2013
Start a high school Removed
Start a foundation for stroke victims

Go to Texas in 2012
Go to New York
Go to Bahamas
Go to Panama
Go to Costa Rica
Go to Egypt
Go to Greece
Go to Montana
Go to Hawaii
Go to Dubai
Go on a mission trip
Visit all major US cities

Have a date night once every week
Have a family day once every week
Renew our vows in 2013 Removed
Be married for 70+ years
Get $1,000,000 in life insurance each
Go somewhere once every year that requires getting dressed up
Have two more kids (if we can afford to) Removed!!
Look into adoption
Take family photos every year
Have a garden that we can eat from
Raise God-fearing children

Go on a couples/family trip every year

Wil's Individual Goals

Play the piano
Learn web development languages (HTML/PHP/CSS)
Learn video editing/production
Learn to swim
Intern for a clothing line Removed
Learn to play the bass guitar Removed
Learn to fix cars
Take a class to improve my writing Removed
Learn enough about carpentry to fix most of the things in my house
Learn to roller skate like a pro Removed

Be a public speaker (talk about God and life success)
Write an autobiography
Have 100,000 Twitter followers Removed
Direct/produce my own short film

Finish video of Truth and Serenity by 2014

Have a six pack by June 2012
Eliminate all fast food

Anji's Individual Goals

Do all of the Bible study techniques discussed in How to Study the Bible for Yourself
Take an acting class Removed
Read seven (or more) books every year
Learn graphic design on YouTube Removed
Take three cooking classes every year Removed
Take community ed art classes
Learn to play the harp Removed
Take a self defense class
Take Religious Studies course
Jesus taught me in Luke 11 Learn to REALLY pray

Write 25 children's books
Sell 1,000,000 copies of the books
Have books turned into cartoon, movies, and/or toys
Write a novel (from red idea notebook)
Start an internship program for homeschoolers by 2017 Removed
Help start a non-profit Christian dance school
Mentor a pre-teen or teenage girl
Win family members to Christ

Done in 2011--not for the last time, though! Serve at a soup kitchen
Done in 2011--not for the last time, though!Volunteer for an organization that serves women and children

Exercise for 60 minutes one time; 30 minutes three times; 15 minutes two times per week
Done Cut fried food out of my diet
Eat fish once every week
Run a race
Live independently until I die (no nursing home)
Live to see my great grand children

Run a race with my daughters
Create a photo book for each child every year

Have a girls night at least four times per year
Make non-Christian friends in Atlanta

Home School
Home school our children up to (and possibly through) high school
Teach our children Spanish
Teach my daughters how to swim
Do an art project with Truth once per week
Do Financial Peace Jr with our children
Study Latin
Complete My Father's World curriculum
Get girls involved in homeschool internship/apprenticeship program
Teach children to draw realistically

Personal Growth
Lessen (if not disregard completely) the importance of what other people think
Be happy with what I see in the mirror


  1. Sindiswa GeorgiadesDecember 8, 2010 at 6:45 AM

    I know this isn't what you were looking for in terms of comments so take this as...satire....

    -Se Habla Espanol...How would your dad feel about this???
    J/K and LOL.
    -Please include WE WIN on the charities list!
    -Josh and I are going to Greece with you all ;)

    Because I know the Mabons(both of you have very determined personalities) will accomplish whatever you put your minds to, I figured I would phrase it as when...not if... you all reach those goals...don't forget about a playa...

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Anji Mabon, Anji Mabon. Anji Mabon said: Happily Wed Wednesday: 100 Life Goals! http://ow.ly/3lTu8 [...]

  3. I think we'll keep you in mind. Our daughter did participate in your wedding, so it will be kind of hard to forget about you guys. Thanks for the comment.

  4. LOL. It's really sad that my dad is from Puerto Rico but I cannot hold a conversation in Spanish...too, too sad!

    We will definitely include We Win...we love you guys!

    Yes, please DO come with us to Greece...maybe Josh can show us around! :)

  5. You guys have some very ambitious goals, which is ok because with God you can do it all. This post has inspired me to dream bigger and create life goals for myself as well. Thank you very much. God bless.

  6. Great, life goals can be done on a small or big scale. As long as you're doing something, the most important thing about life goals is to get started. Please do me a favor, once you have them written down will you come back here and share them with us. We love to see what others want to accomplish in life, it gives us new ideas of things we can strive to do. I hope to hear back from you, good luck with your life goals.