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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Hip Hop: Haiti Earthquake Tribute


It's almost the anniversary of last years catastrophic earthquake that hit the small island of Haiti on January 12, 2010. Haiti is the western hemisphere's poorest nation and the earthquake just made matters worse. With so many dead and yet to be found many Haitians have no where to go. They are on an island! It's not like the victims of Katrina, although that is definitely one of the saddest things I have witnessed in my short 28 years of existence. Those that suffered the extreme loses in New Orleans and some hope of just getting out of the city/state. There is nowhere to go when you're on of the poorest islands in the world.

That's why this song is so great, music has a way of bringing hope during moment of despair. Two things that give me hope are the gospel of Christ Jesus and music, and this song is a collaboration of both. On February 5, 2010 Lecrae released a soft sound of Christian hip hop with "Far Away" as a tribute to those in Haiti and their struggles. Lecrae has promised that all proceeds from the single's sales will go directly to the Haiti relief effort. Lecrae is trying to reach our hearts, his lyrics are so powerful that it will stir up your emotions. The single peaked at #32 on the iTunes Hip Hop singles chart, the first Christian Hip Hop song to do so.

What happened in Haiti was extremely tragic. I can't imagine waking up to learn that I will never again see majority of the people that I have ever met. It's to much to fathom, so I sure most of us really can't wrap our heads around the magnitude of this tragedy. I know it may seem so long ago because it's no longer on the front page of every magazine but the people in Haiti need our support. I pray that God will ease the pain and suffering of those affected by this catastrophic event.

If you would like to get involved and help those in Haiti please visit this site for more information A Home in Haiti.

Purchase Albums from Lecrae here: After The Music Stops, Real Talk, Rebel, Rehab, Rehab: The Overdose and Far Away (Haiti Relief)

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