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Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Ways To Make Him Fall In Love


Relationships are difficult as I'm sure most of you will agree. The funny thing is, they don't have to be as complicated as they often become. There are simple things that can be done to strengthen relationships in the beginning. I hope that you take to heart what I'm saying because it's coming from a person who has been married for seven years and has been through almost everything a relationship can go through. Although I'm married, I dated a lot of women before my wife and I tied the knot, and I've been very observant of my relatives and friends' relational mistakes. In this post I'm focusing on what women can do to have a better experience in their existing or future relationship. I hope this is not taken out of context and not offensive to anyone. Believe it or not, I'm an advocate for women in most aspects of life. Well here it goes, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

1. Share Activities

Women, it’s very common for you all to call your girlfriends and do different activities. I'm sure those activities are better done with a companion and I'm sure they allow you and whoever is accompanying you to grow closer. Instead of reaching out to one of your closest ladies, try reaching out to your man. Give him the opportunity to experience different things that you've reserved for your friends. Of course he might not want to go shopping for hours upon hours but he might enjoy doing other things such as: cooking a gourmet meal together, going to the gym and working out, or even working on a fix-it-yourself project together. Get creative. Try to do something that's not so cliché. If you can’t think of anything new and he is not interested, give him the option of saying “no” to your proposal without getting mad. You two may not be interested in all of the same things so be open to stepping outside of what may be normal for you in order to spend time together. Trust me he won’t forget how you are willing to do things that you don’t necessarily like just to be with him.

2. Support Him

Stroke your man’s ego! Now I don’t mean for you to praise him as if he was a god, but give him that reassurance that you’re on his team. Men can be just as insecure as women. The same way you would go out of your way to make your girlfriend feel better about herself, you should do it for him. Compliment him as you would want him to compliment you. The little things that he might (should) do that make you feel all tingly inside will make him feel good about himself. You will notice an increase of confidence (as opposed to cockiness).

3. Let Him Be Himself

Most women try to change the man they're dating. If you have to change him you can never utter the words “I love you for who you are” because that would be a bunch of bologna. This is a tough one that may call for a difficult decision to be made--if you have to change someone in order for them to fit into your life, that person probably doesn't need to be in your life. Accept your man for who he is. Don't pray that God will change him but that He will change you; helping you to soften your heart towards what you deem to be "faults."

4. Talk To Him

Women rarely expect their friends to know what they’re thinking. Instead, they share their thoughts, hopes, and dreams. With everything that women share with their friends they should be able to pinpoint which of their friends are actually looking out for their best interest. That’s just not the case with your mate. In the beginning you try to hold back from sharing too much information. Throughout the relationship you expect him to know everything, and cut him little slack when he doesn’t respond and do what you may have expected. Women often expect their men to know where they want to go on a special date or to pick up the hints about a particular gift . If these things fall through, all hell breaks loose. Good communication is vital for a successful relationship. Although body language and gesturing is a part of communicating, what’s wrong with just verbalizing your thoughts to be sure everyone’s on the same page?

5. Give Him His and Take Your "Me Time"

Our friends disappear at times. We can go days, weeks, even a month without talking to our friends because life gets in the way. After the random amount of time passes we cross paths and continue where we left off. The relationship experience is not strained, there’s no love lost. Why is this different with your spouse/boyfriend? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to go weeks or a month with interacting with your mate. But does the relationship status mean that you no longer need time apart? A lot of men don’t commit because that title creates logical expectations as well as far-fetched ones. If you are the type of woman that doesn’t like to do the things your man likes to do for fun, then you especially need to give him some ME time. All men have an inner boy that needs time to play. Let us!
If you can do these simple but often times challenging things, I’m confident that your man will value the relationship more than he previously may have. Good luck and I hope you give this list strong consideration whether you believe it or not. Try it! What else do you have to lose? I can definitely tell you that he won’t like you less!

Are there any other things that you have found helpful in improving your relationship?

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