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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Hip Hop: We're At War...Spiritually


If you were looking for a banger, well...I think you may have found it. How many Christians are ready to put on the boxing gloves and "Make War" with our society? It's time to put up or shut up. Let's fix the things that are tearing up our communities?! My Facebook friends had this to say about the following question "In your opinion what's tearing down the African American communities across America?"
    Drugs Gangs Pedophiles Rapist Domestic Violence Child Abandonment (Anyone can be born male, Only God fearing men can be fathers) The music we listen to Images we see portrayed Unified Families Self-hate Lack of Education Skin-tone Division Lack of Support (Community or Small Business) Not knowing our History Babies having babies (you cant teach your children morals if you lack them yourself)

What are we going to do about these problems? Are we going to continue to ignore them like we've done for so long or will we attempt to make a difference? I dare you to be COURAGEOUS and reach out to at least one person and share your God story. You can also look at your own life and realize what God has done for you and then you can create your God story. Christian hip hop has helped me with my confidence to be a rebel for Christ.

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