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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Hip Hop: Who Runs Your CITY?


Ok, I'm a transparent dude and my wife and I are becoming a transparent couple. I say that because it's time to be real. It's 2011 and God will be here before you know it, so I can't play anymore games or procrastinate a minute longer. Tell me, who runs your city? Is it you, the gangs, police, politicians, who? I agree with C-Lite, its God's city, he owns it and everything in it including you! But we all have choices right, we can give him what's rightfully his (which is our hearts, mind and soul) or we can turn our backs on him like so many of us have. That's why I'm such a fan of Christian hip hop, they have a message to deliver and that message comes from the Bible.

Let me ask you some questions...Why do we "keep it real" with our boys and have their backs, willing to lie and sometimes die  for them? What real sacrifice have they made for us to go to such great lengths of loyalty? There's someone, a God, thee God, that has done all the things for you that you could ever want someone to do. You just haven't recognized it, your eyes are closed or maybe you've been blinded by societies pressure for you to desires the things of this world. Think about this, instead of you having to suffer or even die for someone, wouldn't it be great if someone was willing to do that for you? *Hint* I know someone that has!!!!!! Look, it's God's city, and he's has temporarily allowed you to reside in it.

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